To carry out its mission, IBKAF uses 4 major vectors: 

Publications and communications: newsletters, conferences, lectures, videos, exchange platforms, etc…

Official federal IBKAF courses (general and multi Ryū) and regional courses, Master-Classes, and specific training of disciplines or styles, at the initiative of IBKAF stamped Dojo Clubs according to a sustained annual rhythm.

Seminars and trainings reserved for teachers, instructors and managers of IBKAF Dojo-Clubs, according to original pedagogical principles of knowledge transmission, inspired by the cultural values of our Arts and related Traditions, which have been proven through time and adapted to the present time, to which are added the specific requirements of the IBKAF DT- IBK technical board.

Assessments and recognitions of the levels of competence of practitioners and instructors, exclusively and strictly in accordance with its definitions, values and objectives DAN IBK and SHOGO IBK. This, according to a technical regulation (GI-HO) specific to the IBKAF and to the RYU and RYU-HA concerned, to which is added a perfectly identifiable cultural “component” BUNKA and an adapted moral training (SHIN-PÔ).