Membership of the IBKAF is open to any Dojo Club that meets our definitions, and which demonstrates its commitment to sharing our objectives, our functioning and our values, and to conforming to them, provided that any other membership is not antinomic, incompatible or fundamentally antagonistic.

However, it is not enough to want to join the IBKAF and pay for a passport and licences in order to be registered. It is necessary to make a written request in advance, using an official form (see below), after having received the possible agreement of the various IBKAF bodies: IBK CD, IBK TD, IBK EC ethics commission (for definitions, refer to the statutes). It is then necessary to fill in a registration form, together with the list of potential members, who must be members of the club.

Any individual can only join the Federation through a Club-Dojo (legal entity) that is a member of the IBKAF.

Different statutes are available to our member Dojo Clubs, see statutory provisions or consult us.

Application for membership of the IBKAF

Fees (2022/2023 season):

– Seasonal Club-Dojo membership fee: 50 euros
– IBKAF passport: 10 euros
– Seasonal licence (stamp): adult, teenager from 14 years and over: 15 euros
child, teenager under 14 years old: 10 euros

Insurance: A framework contract has been negotiated with an international company and a privileged interlocutor, covering Civil Liability and Accident reserved for Official IBKAF Clubs-Dojos: please consult us.

In case of interest, before any formal request, we invite you to write to us at: