The label IBKAF

More than a simple group of practitioners, the IBKAF, given its cultural objectives and its specificity, requires from its members an awareness and duties of loyalty, representation, and brand image. The IBKAF acronym must be a real “LABEL” of quality, guaranteeing a particular conception of MARTIAL ART, for which each member is responsible.

Already mentioned in other sections of this site, this conception, which is illustrated and defined in our monthly newsletters, is nourished by the initial culture that produced our ARTS, and by those that they have, in turn, generated. The socio-cultural rules and principles of the countries that gave birth to them permeate our practice. The traditions, specific methods and conventions that presided over their teaching and transmission, which allowed them to last until their transformation into sports, are reactivated in order to guarantee the essence and the original objectives of our disciplines.

DO, DOJO, REI-HO, REI-SHIKI, so many terms, factors and components linked to the Japanese culture and to that of the Martial Arts:

– which are added, to a hierarchy based on various degrees of competence, mastery, knowledge to an indispensable moral value (altruism, humility, commitments, etc…), to virtuous principles such as advocated by the so-called codes of BUSHIDO and to the precepts enacted by the Masters of yesteryear (duty of conservation, enrichment and transmission of knowledge),

– which complete the principles of learning based on MITORI KEIGO (observation and copy of the gesture), the structuring of the practice and the teaching around the KATA, and the valorization of the fundamental and founding triptychs such as GOSHIN (personal defense), KENKO (mental and physical health), BUNKA (socio-cultural components), union between SHIN (spirit) – GI (most complete technique possible, including energetic and respiratory elements) and TAI (knowledge and judicious use of the body, fluidity, efficiency), but also SHU-HA-RI (progression in the mastery of the ART obtained by an accepted, reasoned and continuous search for excellence and harmony, both physical and mental, and tireless search for SELF, through the DO)

-and which, participating in the brand image of the IBKAF, and progressively and simultaneously, constitute the demanding “LABEL IBKAF”.

Federal training courses, demanding evaluation, without complacency, of the levels of competence of DAN IBK, SHOGO IBK training of Master Teachers (assistants, teachers, chief instructors), as well as the sincere commitment of each of the actors, will be associated with it and are the sine qua non conditions, to guarantee this “LABEL”. The governing bodies of the IBKAF will be the guarantors, by all statutory and regulatory means.

The IBKAF LABEL is materialized by a passport and an annual license, the poster of the federation as a Registered or Official Club-Dojo, and the CHIEF INSTRUCTOR card, which are awarded to competent individuals or legal entities, up to date with their registrations and contributions, by the IBKAF Board of Directors (CD-IBK), after advice from the IBKAF technical board (DT-IBK).